Happy Thanksgiving 2020

Thanksgiving this year certainly has a different meaning for a lot of people. During these past eight
months of the COVID 19 pandemic, I for one can admit that I have been depressed but I am confident
that I would rise above it. Everything I enjoy will eventually return again.
I have a friend that donates turkeys every year in which I distribute to families or groups. This year I do
not have access to groups, so we reached out to families. Several needy families in areas that did not
receive turkeys from social service agencies in their areas due to COVID and church members and Fort
Lee residents.
We were blessed to be able to bless others with 20lb turkeys. To some it means nothing but to a family
especially with small children and a cut in their household income, that turkey can provide a lot of
Being able to speak to the family members and listen to how they swallowed their pride to come out to
receive this turkey because they have always had money to buy what they need yet now can’t make
ends meet. Others have lost their jobs, go to the food banks only to get what little they have available.
As I was driving home last Sunday, I had two turkeys in my car which I was determined not to have to
bring them home with me. A parishioner that likes turkey but does not know how to prepare it would
not take it; yet another parishioner volunteered to cook it and share it with the three of them present.
They were thankful and so was I.
There was a lady with three children walking near the intersection where I turn to get on to route 46. I
pulled over introduced myself and gave her my business card. I asked if she had a turkey for
Thanksgiving because we were distributing them at the church and I have one left. The kids were telling
her to take it. She said, don’t get me wrong I am not poor I am short of funds right now.
I told her I am not here to judge her, I even asked the police officer parked down the street who told me
his wife just redeemed her turkey from the local Shop Rite where they live this morning otherwise he
would have taken it.
While we were talking the kids took everything out of the carriage and put the items in their backpacks
to make room for the turkey in the carriage. She said it looks like they really want it. One of the children
said all the kids at school will have turkey and now we will too.
It brought tears to my eyes. She was a proud woman with determined children. I slipped some cash in
the bag to enable her to get some other items to make big meal for the children. I said a prayer for them
as I was leaving. The smiles on all their faces was priceless.
I finally felt that I was being my old self and doing what I can to help others. I am thankful that God
places me in the right places at the right time to make a difference in the lives of others.
Happy Thanksgiving to the congregation of the Good Shepherd. I have not been with you long but love
you all. Stay safe, stay well enjoy the holiday.

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